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DLG Fokus Test Evaluation


  • Elasticity

With a cap (r= 120 mm) at a penetration force of 2000 N (corresponding to approx. 200 kg)

In new condition: penetration depth 30,7 mm.

Evaluation (++)

After permanent tread load test: penetration 32,0 mm.

Elasticity was measured after exposure to a continuous tread load exerted by a steel foot (contact area: 75 cm²) in the form of 100.000 alterning loads of 10.000 N

Evaluation (++)


  • Deformability

The mattress system has been exposed to a permanent tread load exerted by a round steel foot (artificial cow’s foot) having a diameter of 105 mm (contact area 75 cm²), with a 5 mm wide ring at the periphery of the sole, which projects 1 mm over the rest of the surface ( carrying edge of the claw) withalternating loads of 10.000 N (corresponding to ca. 1000 kg)

Evaluation: no lasting deformation (++)

                   no appreciable wear (+)


Note: (++) is the best possible evaluation

DLG Fokus Test (original in german)
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DLG Fokus Test (in english)
DLG Fokus test Ecopolimer 6070F English.[...]
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