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Mattress of polyurethane and latex foam available in different thickness


Colours may vary with production batch

Technical data

Length             standard cm. 180 (Max available cm. 200)

Width               cm.100 (+/- 2%)

Thickness          standard 40 and 50 mm.

Other sizes and thicknesses available on request


Softness                   : the right compromise between softness and resistance to loads

Elasticity                   :the mattress always returns to its original thickness

Resistance                : resistance and the efficiency of the mattress over time

Thermal insulation   : polyurethane and latex reduce the cold in winter and the heat in summer

Hygiene                    : a flat surface allows you to keep the animal always clean

Cost reduction         : top cover is quickly replaceable without having to replace the mattress, too.

Top Cover

Top Cover TN

Fabric 100% PP (Polypropylene)

Waterproof with eco synthetic polypropylene rubber

UV stabilized

Roll size:

 length 250 ml - total height m.2,20 -


Top Cover GREY Strong and breathable textile with soft surface

Roll size: length 50 ml - height m. 2,47

Rubber Stripes

High density rubber stripes to improve fixing of top covers to concrete and avoid raising of mattress